Rev. Brian Heron of Cascades Presbytery Visits


The Rev. Brian Heron, Presbyter of Mission and Vision in our Prebytery, is on a quest to meet with all 96 congregations of the Presbytery and has met with 57 so far.  He came to meet with us the morning of Sat. June 9th, 2018. Brian attended our Community Breakfast and then met with the congregation for about 2 hrs to hear from us and talk with us – about the past, the future, the community and the movement of God in our midst. These discussions will help him and the rest of our Presbytery's staff determine the best ways they can help congregations as we advance our individual and combined missions into the future to achieve God's purposes at the local as well as wider level throughout his Kingdom.  His work is supported in part by us paying our "per capita" to the Presbyterian Church USA.

Brian invited us all to follow his thoughts all sorts of issues on his blog site at: .
























Rev. Brian Heron, Presbyter of Mission and Vision, having a conversation with us Saturday June 9th. 



















Pastor Wendy Olson and 11 others from Community Presbyterian Church of Waldport in discussion with Presbyter Brian Heron in Fellowship Hall.