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                                                         Pastor Wendy Olson
















                                                                           Pastor Mark Olson

From the Chair of Pastoral Nominating Committee, Denise McPherson:

I have some good long awaited news for you.  Your Pastoral Nominating Committee has been successful and we have a Presbyterian Pastor Couple coming January 21st.  We have co-pastors Mark and Wendy Olson filling our position at 16 hours per week.  Mark and Wendy share the Pastorship by alternating Pastoring every other week.  That means one week Wendy will preach and be here during the week and the next week Mark will preach and be here.  Wendy will be preaching first for us .  They will begin on January 21st about a month from now.  There are pictures of Mark and Wendy on the hallway bulletin board.

The committee of Tom Rasmussen, Lyle Seaman, Barbara Hare, Eric and Sherri Seaman and I would be glad to answer any questions you may have about this news. 

Mark and Wendy will share that pastoring with us and the Lincoln City Presbyterian Church where they each work half time.  They have found a house in the Devils Lake area of Lincoln City.  Their children and grandchildren live in the Portland area so this brings them closer to family.

Committee work is divided between the two.  Mark works with Christian Education and Buildings and Grounds while Wendy works with Stewardship, Finance and Outreach.  They both work with Worship.  Both want to be involved in the community.  Mark’s preaching style is working from the lectionary.  Wendy tends to be more theme oriented. 

Mark and Wendy last pastored three churches in Indiana where they formed a parish. They held worship and study times with the Clinton, Rockville and Montezuma churches, sister churches of the Trinity Parish.  The Trinity Parish Council met to find new ways to serve the Lord in their communities.