Barbara Hare - Office Administrator

Barbara Hare came to us from Chico, California.  She is married to Charlie Hare.  She is a wonderful addition to our church family and says that she enjoys coming to work each day.  We are so glad that she and Charlie decided to "retire" in Waldport and that Barbara is willing to share her gift of organizaiton with us.  


Denise McPherson - Treasurer

Denise McPherson is our Treasurer and voice of reason on Capital Campaign, budget and day-to-day expenses.  Denise and her husband Barry are long-time residents of Oregon and have served in the Presbyterian church for many years. Denise also has an incredible eye and gift  for taking candid pictures that capture the major milestones in the life of the congregation. Denise will be serving as an elected delegate of the Cascades Presbytery to the 222nd General Assembly in June 2016!  Quite an honor for a small rural congregation to be so well represented. 


Robby Hensen - Custodian

Robby Hensen is our custodian.  He first came to our attention at Saturday breakfast.  He soon joined us in worship, and his daughter, Ruby Rose, was baptized on June 1, 2016.  Robby has several years experience as a Motel / Hotel Manager.  He has been a marvelous addition to our staff.  


Rev. Dr. C. Montee Kennedy - Moderator of Session

Reverend Kennedy is a retired Presbyterian pastor living in Florence, Oregon.  He graciously preaches at Waldport Community Presbyterian Church once a month on the Sunday when Session meetings are held, and serves as Moderator of the Session meetings.